I Promise, You Can Keep a Plant Alive!


If you’re fortunate enough to work in the interiorscape (indoor plant) industry, then I can almost guarantee that you’ve heard this before: I don’t have a green thumb. It never fails; people are fascinated that you can keep a plant alive. What if I told you that I used to be one of those people? I thought that I couldn’t look at a plant the wrong way without killing it. And I’ve uttered that sentence on more than a few occasions. Now, I am *paid* to keep indoor plants alive! No kidding- I work with an indoor plant service in Jacksonville, FL. Can you believe it? I still can’t. My go-to response is, “if I can do it, you can do it!” And that is unequivocally true. All you have to do is ask yourself a few questions. 

Question #1: If you currently have a plant(s), what kind is it? Make sure you know the identity of your plant and its needs. Plants are a lot like humans. Each one has its own unique needs and preferences. The only way to answer the questions below is to know the answer to this one. 

Question #2: if you’re really killing plants left and right, what are you doing wrong? While plants will often tell you when they’re not feeling well, the signs can often overlap. So instead of looking at the plants, look at what you’re doing and make adjustments. Take a look at your habits: are you watering too much or not enough? My guess? Too much. We (myself included) have this tendency to want to water much more than they need. While there are plants that take more water more often, my favorites only get watered every two weeks. Talk about low maintenance! 

Question #3: where are they located? Some plants can thrive in scenarios with less light. Others need bright, direct sunlight. Plants also rely on artificial light when sunlight isn’t available. Are you turning off the lights, leaving them in the dark? Make sure that your plant is in the right location for its light needs. If it’s in a room that you rarely light up, move it to one where you spend time and see if you notice a difference. 

Once you’ve answered all of these questions, you should be confident in your ability to keep your plant babies thriving! If you’re still concerned, start with a low maintenance plant and go from there. Pothos (pictured above), Aglaonemas, and Sansevierias are some of my favorites. They can thrive in artificial light with low water and have multiple varieties. Just remember- look up the maintenance requirements before you give up. If I can be a plant lady, everyone can be a plant lady!

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