What’s Killing Your Office Plants?

We’ve been using our blog to talk about the benefits of indoor plants and why they can make your office more pleasant and productive. While we encourage all businesses to decorate their workplaces with living plants, we also understand that they can be tricky to maintain, and ultimately, to keep alive. If you’re having trouble keeping your precious plants from withering away, we’ve got some expert insight into the mystery of why they’re having so much trouble staying healthy. Here are a few reasons why your indoor office plants might be taking a turn for the worse.

Low Light

Every plant needs a different amount of light, and it’s often less than you might think. The windows closest to a plant are the most important factor in where to place it. Light coming from one cardinal direction is very different from light coming from any other.

Dry Leaves

Think about a plant in its natural setting. Sure, it soaks up water from the moisture in the earth, but it also gets pattered by rain from above. When it comes to water, some plants need a little love on their leaves as well. In this case, a spray bottle should do the trick.


Surprise, surprise, there are little critters out there who want to eat your office plants for lunch. You probably won’t even notice if pests are killing your plants, as they can range in size from microscopic fungus to small insects. They can be pretty resilient, but there are a variety of home remedies to kill them off without harming the plant they’re feasting on.


Some caretakers of plants are so obsessed with getting their plants enough water that they end up watering them too much. As a general rule, soil should be dry to the touch before being watered again, although ever plant has different needs. The drainage at the bottom of the plant container is critical as well, as the moisture will need someplace to go after filtering through the soil.

Failure to Adjust

Believe it or not, plants can suffer shock and never bounce back from it. If a plant is moved from one section of the office to another, the change in conditions could be too drastic, even if it doesn’t seem much different to you. Try to make any change in environment as gradual as possible.

If you’re having trouble keeping your office plants alive, maybe you should consider having a great interior landscaping company like Foliage Designs of Jacksonville take over all your office plant needs.

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