Tips for Watering Your Indoor Plants

For many of us, keeping indoor plants healthy and hydrated can seem like a real struggle. We kill a few spider plants in college despite our best efforts, chock it up to an incurably brown thumb, and resign ourselves to a gloomy, flora-less existence. Watering is generally the locus of our woes. It can be awfully discouraging to watch your indoor plants wilt and wither even as you try your hardest to maintain a regular watering regimen. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. By following just a few simple guidelines, you can take much of the worry out of watering.

Consider the space

Different plants are suited to different environments, so at Foliage Design, we choose our plants accordingly. Be mindful of whether a plant is “sun loving” or “shade loving.” If you work in an office with floor to ceiling windows, a shade loving plant will likely not do well regardless of how diligently you water it. If you are particularly unsure of your inability to keep your plants hydrated, you might be more suited to a plant that doesn’t require a great deal of water such as a philodendron.

Beware of over watering

Every now and then, we might slip up and miss a day or two of watering. It can be tempting to overcompensate for these dry spells by giving plants an extra dose of water, but this can do more harm than good. Over watering can effectively drown a plant’s root systems and ultimately kill the entire plant. Be careful to inspect the soil for moisture before you water. Avoid watering to the extent that there is standing water in the pot. At this point, the soil has become saturated and you run the risk of over watering. Most plants don’t require water every day, so don’t worry if you miss a day here and there.

Consider automatic watering options

There are plenty of handy, inexpensive devices on the market that will automatically replenish your plants with water. You can even repurpose a plastic water bottle to do the job for you. Simply fill it with water, poke a hole in the cap, and place it upside down in your potting soil. The bottle will act as an irrigation system, periodically dispensing water into the soil so that your plants will never get thirsty. You’ll still want to keep an eye on your soil, however, as these automatic options can occasionally lead to over watering.

At Foliage Design Systems, we love to see plants and people who enjoy them thrive. Want to learn more about plant care and maintenance? Stay tuned for more helpful tips and tricks in the future. You can also contact us to receive personalized assistance from one of our design professionals.

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