The Ficus

Now that the weather is beginning to heat back up, what better time to think about livening up the office with some fresh new foliage? You’ve germinated geraniums. You’ve pruned petunias. You’ve even fooled around with philodendrons. Perhaps it’s time to better acquaint yourself with the enigmatic entity that is the ficus.


The ficus, which encompasses an incredibly diverse genus of fig trees, has been a favorite among faunaphiles for centuries. Even the fig tree under which the Buddha meditated for 49 days was, in fact, a Ficus religiosa. In total, there are over 800 species of ficus that come in all shapes and sizes to suit the unique tastes of an individual.


Some of the most popular indoor ficus plants are Ficus benjamina and Ficus elastica. The former is known for its narrow leaves and shrub-like qualities, whereas the latter has larger, broader leaves and tall, upright structure. Ficus elastica, as the scientific name suggests, is known colloquially as a rubber tree.


In order to keep a ficus healthy and lush, some special attention is required. Ficus plants aren’t fond of cold conditions, and will likely lose leaves if left for too long in cool, drafty rooms. While this shouldn’t be too much of a problem here in Jacksonville, for best results, try to keep your Ficus in a warm, humid environment such as a bathroom or sunroom.


Ficus care might not be for the faint of heart, but it can be incredibly rewarding. The ficus has loads of potential for decorative applications. Ficus benjamina is even employed by bonsai enthusiasts due to its unusual shape and extreme malleability.


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