Plant Services for Commercial Developments Jacksonville

If you are a commercial developer or contractor working on a new building, there are so many different fixtures and features that you are going to need to add to it before you can start to sell or rent it. From doors and windows to furniture and other accents, it’s important for a developer to put their best foot forward when preparing a commercial space. Foliage Design Systems in Jacksonville can help with this process by incorporating interior landscaping into the mix. From potted plants to living walls and everything in between, we can handle plant installation jobs inside of commercial developments and new structures to make them look their best to prospective tenants.

When you bring Foliage Design Systems of Jacksonville on board your project, we will begin by working with you to come up with a plant installation design. There is a science to figuring out where to place plant life inside of a commercial building. It needs to serve its purpose and be decorative, but it also needs to be accessible enough to care for it. Certain interior landscaping will also need to receive sunlight and fresh air, so it’s important to consider all of this before plant installation begins. We can work with developers and contractors to make sure this is all settled before a development project is finished.

In the past, Foliage Design Systems Jacksonville has worked with countless developers and contractors on their plant installation projects. We have drastically improved the look of the interior of commercial spaces and helped sell or rent successfully. Once plants are installed, we also offer ongoing care and maintenance programs to keep them looking fresh and healthy for the long term. We can send our on-site plant maintenance technicians out regularly to take care of the plants so that they always look their best.

When you are developing a new property and trying to attract interest from companies and business tenants, you should keep plant installation in mind as a great way to spruce up your space. Contact Foliage Design Systems in Jacksonville today at 904-928-9600 and learn more about how we can assist you.

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