Plant Color Rotation in Jacksonville, FL

Once you have interior plant installation done in your commercial space, you might think that you are stuck with the same look and design forever. When you work with Foliage Design Systems in Jacksonville, however, that won’t be the case at all.

We offer plant leasing to our clients and can rotate plant arrangements regularly to keep your interior landscaping design looking as fresh as possible. We can also do color rotation and swap plants in and out based on the season with plant maintenance programs that are second to none. Whether you want to install bromeliads, orchids or other types of seasonal plant life, we can do it all for you.

Some of our clients like to rotate plant arrangements once every few months to switch up their interior plantscaping and change the look and feel of their commercial space. Others prefer a more frequent color rotation when it comes to their bromeliads and orchids. It doesn’t matter what you prefer. We will handle all of your plant maintenance needs and make sure you are satisfied with our plant leasing, maintenance or reinstallation. We can be very flexible with your current installation and carefully swap plants in and out as you see fit.

The thing that we enjoy the most about working with our commercial clients is building close relationships with them. This allows us to better understand their needs and make appropriate recommendations on when they should rotate plant arrangements or do a color rotation based on their specific likes and dislikes. We can also help them expand their installation to include new types of plant life or make suggestions on adding plants like bromeliads, orchids and more to the mix. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction with your plant installation, and we will do whatever it takes to make sure you love it at all times.

If you would like to change the color scheme of your plant installation or add new plants to your display, Foliage Design Systems of Jacksonville can assist you with it. Schedule a consultation with us by calling 904-928-9600 today.

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