Green Walls - Living Wall Installation & Maintenance

If you have a large, empty wall on the inside or outside of your office building or other commercial property, it might look like an unattractive eyesore right now. However, you can change that in no time by turning it into a green wall with help from Foliage Design Systems Jacksonville. Rather than leaving your wall bare and dragging down the aesthetic appeal of your office or commercial building, you can improve the look and feel of it with a living wall filled with plants as colorful as you want. We can show you how to create a vertical garden that will transform your wall into something you’re proud to show off.

Foliage Design Systems Jacksonville works with a company called GSky to create the best green walls in the business. When you call on us and let us know you’re interested in creating a living wall, we’ll begin by coming out to your building to inspect the wall you want to cover. From there, we’ll help you choose the right foliage for your vertical garden and show you some potential designs you can use to bring your wall to life. There are some office building managers that opt to go with a simple green wall filled with green plants. There are others who want a living wall filled with flowers and more. We can handle both types of living walls and show you why so many commercial property owners have relied on Foliage Design Systems Jacksonville for vertical gardens in the past.

There are lots of advantages that come along with installing a green wall inside or outside of your building. It’ll obviously spruce the place up and make it look more professional. It’ll also cover up any unsightly blemishes on a wall now. If you choose to put a living wall on the interior of a building, it can even improve the air quality in it for both your employees and your customers. As long as you maintain your vertical garden, it should last you for a long time and prove to be a great investment on your part. Foliage Design Systems Jacksonville can show you what maintenance needs to be done or come out and perform regular maintenance on your living wall if you want us to do it.

Does a green wall sound like it would be the perfect addition to your office building or commercial property? Call Foliage Design Systems Jacksonville at 904-928-9600 today to learn more about the benefits of having living wall installation done.

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