How Plants Can Reduce Noise

Many spaces are designed to offer residents and visitors a calm and serene environment. Whether a hotel, spa, doctor’s office, or yoga and meditation center; these types of spaces require a peaceful atmosphere to keep visitors and clients coming back. In the city, this can be quite difficult, and with modern technology, it becomes a challenge to maintain quiet and calm surroundings anywhere you go. With cell phones and hand-held computers connected at all times, there is a constant chiming, ringing, and beeping going on in most public and private spaces.

That’s why, these days, many employers and building operators are looking for ways to quiet things down.

Plants benefit the environment in many ways, but it’s often overlooked that they can help significantly with noise reduction. Many organizations and businesses use plants in various ways to reduce their noise levels. Large plants are often placed along highways for this specific reason, particularly if the highway is located near a residential community.

Plants help to create that calmer, more serene environment inside buildings that people desire. They can help to reduce noise in many ways.


Through Sound Absorption

The bodies of plants, including the stems, leaves, and branches, naturally absorb sound. To be most effective in sound absorption, using plants with thick bark and big fleshy leaves is best. Many plants in one space can greatly reduce the noise level of rooms.

Ease Deflection

When sound waves hit solid materials, like concrete or brick walls, the solid object does not vibrate, which causes the sound waves to bounce off the solid object and back into the room, creating noise. Plants are flexible, living creatures that vibrate, and are able to transform the sound waves into other forms of energy.


Homes and buildings with hardwood floors tend to be noisier than those that are carpeted. In buildings like these, sound waves tend to bounce and echo all around the room. Since sound waves can be refracted, something as simple as carpeting a space can help to reduce noise. This method works pretty much the same way with plants. Using many leafy plants to cover as much surface area as possible refracts sound and creates a quieter environment and a more serene space.


To learn more about how plants can make your buildings calmer and more productive, visit Foliage Designs Jacksonville. We work with businesses and organizations to design the interior landscaping program best for them.


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