How Much Light Do Indoor Plants Need?

Lighting is vital to growing beautiful and healthy indoor plants, allowing them to thrive, flourish, and look their best. The proper lighting for your indoor plants is about more than just brightness.  The intensity, temperature, and number of hours of light they receive are three of the most important factors for healthy, growing plants.

With attention to the needs of the specific plant, you will need to determine where it should be located in your office or home. For plants, the intensity of light is just as is important as the amount of it. Of course, outside weather and seasonal changes can alter the light in any indoor location. Here are a few general guidelines to follow when it comes to determining how much light your plant needs, and where the best indoor locations will be.


“Direct Sun” Plants

If your plant is labeled “direct sun”, and requires a very sunny location, it is best to place it near a south or southwest positioned window. Your plant should be no more than 2 feet away from the direct sunlight. Sitting them on windowsills flooded with sunlight is great, while a sunroom or sunny porch is even better.


“Indirect Sun” Plants

If a plant is labeled “indirect sunlight”, the best place for it is about 4 to 5 feet away from an east or west-facing window. If your office or home lacks those, a south or southwest can work as well. If you have a room in your home where the sun shines in it at least 5-7 hours a day, this is also quite sufficient.


“Partially Shaded” or “Low Light” Plants

For plants labeled “low light”, placing them by an east-facing window may work well. Your plants will have a few hours of morning sun, and then the sunlight will shift in the afternoon. Since morning sunlight is often cooler, you won’t need to worry about your plant receiving too much heat from the sun. If all you have is a south or southwest facing window, be sure to place your plant at least 3-5 feet away from those windows.


“Shady Location” Plants

A location at least 6 feet away from a south or southwest facing window is ideal for plants that require less sunlight and more shade. Hallways, foyers, or dimly lit rooms are also perfect locations. If you have a window near a shaded tree, this is even more ideal for “shady location” plants.


Artificial lights are nice substitutes in locations that lack sufficient sunlight. No matter what its lighting situation is, the staff at Foliage Design Systems Jacksonville can transform your office or home plants by working to get the most out of the unique conditions of your space.

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