Easiest Indoor Plants to Grow

Nothing spruces up a boring, lifeless office location quite like vibrant plant life. The right added flora can enhance an otherwise dull workspace. Unfortunately, many people fear that they won’t be able to keep up with the plant’s requirements. It’s true that some plants can be finicky and difficult to maintain, but many are actually quite easy to care for. To demonstrate, here are some of the easiest, relatively hassle-free indoor plants to grow.


PEPEROMIA – Its waxy and textured leaves make it fairly resilient. It is small, only growing to about a foot in height, and only require low to medium light. You don’t need to water the peperomia too often. However the plant can be poisonous (not that your customers will start chewing on the leaves!).


SPIDER PLANT – The spider plant is very recognizable due to its hanging stalks. It brings a nice visual appeal to most offices and is always in style. It will be at its healthiest in bright to medium light and a room temperature of 60 to 75 degrees.


ENGLISH IVY – Ivy can grow and grow and grow if you let it, and some people may see this as a hassle. However, if you want an office plant that grows steadily with very little care, this might just be the plant for you! English ivy is a great choice because it is so easy to plant. In fact, if you’re not careful with trimming, a new plant could begin growing all on its own.


JADE PLANT – With its thick leaves, this option almost always looks healthy and plush. Very slow growth means that you can leave it in one place for a long time without having to reorganize. Standard light and room temperature is all this little thing needs to survive.


FICUS – A classic indoor office plant. The ficus is relatively shiny and great for brightening up a room. It actually prefers dry soil between watering!


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