Tips for Watering Your Indoor Plants

For many of us, keeping indoor plants healthy and hydrated can seem like a real struggle. We kill a few spider plants in college despite our best efforts, chock it up to an incurably brown thumb, and resign ourselves to a gloomy, flora-less existence. Watering is generally the locus of our woes. It can be… Read more »

How Much Light Do Indoor Plants Need?

Lighting is vital to growing beautiful and healthy indoor plants, allowing them to thrive, flourish, and look their best. The proper lighting for your indoor plants is about more than just brightness.  The intensity, temperature, and number of hours of light they receive are three of the most important factors for healthy, growing plants. With… Read more »

How Plants Can Reduce Noise

Many spaces are designed to offer residents and visitors a calm and serene environment. Whether a hotel, spa, doctor’s office, or yoga and meditation center; these types of spaces require a peaceful atmosphere to keep visitors and clients coming back. In the city, this can be quite difficult, and with modern technology, it becomes a… Read more »

Indoor Plants Improve Employee Morale and Productivity

Humans have come a long way since the days spent hunting for food and living in inadequate sheltering; we spend almost 90% of our lives indoors (According to Facility Management Journal). This means we lack things that we naturally desire, and it can influence our mood as well as our productivity. Employees are subject to… Read more »