Genetic Engineering in the Plant World

Genetic engineering has been a hot button term in the plant world for a few years now. Generally, it’s associated with mad scientists pumping foreign DNA into tomato plants to turn a profit. However, one scientist, Kathleen M. Pryer of Duke University, set off some interesting research in 2004 with a study tracing the evolutionary… Read more »

What’s Killing Your Office Plants?

We’ve been using our blog to talk about the benefits of indoor plants and why they can make your office more pleasant and productive. While we encourage all businesses to decorate their workplaces with living plants, we also understand that they can be tricky to maintain, and ultimately, to keep alive. If you’re having trouble… Read more »

The Ficus

Now that the weather is beginning to heat back up, what better time to think about livening up the office with some fresh new foliage? You’ve germinated geraniums. You’ve pruned petunias. You’ve even fooled around with philodendrons. Perhaps it’s time to better acquaint yourself with the enigmatic entity that is the ficus.   The ficus,… Read more »

Easiest Indoor Plants to Grow

Nothing spruces up a boring, lifeless office location quite like vibrant plant life. The right added flora can enhance an otherwise dull workspace. Unfortunately, many people fear that they won’t be able to keep up with the plant’s requirements. It’s true that some plants can be finicky and difficult to maintain, but many are actually… Read more »

Tips for Watering Your Indoor Plants

For many of us, keeping indoor plants healthy and hydrated can seem like a real struggle. We kill a few spider plants in college despite our best efforts, chock it up to an incurably brown thumb, and resign ourselves to a gloomy, flora-less existence. Watering is generally the locus of our woes. It can be… Read more »

How Much Light Do Indoor Plants Need?

Lighting is vital to growing beautiful and healthy indoor plants, allowing them to thrive, flourish, and look their best. The proper lighting for your indoor plants is about more than just brightness.  The intensity, temperature, and number of hours of light they receive are three of the most important factors for healthy, growing plants. With… Read more »

What is an Urban Garden?

The center of a bustling urban center may be the last place to find enough space to plant a thriving garden. However, these are often the sections of town where the cool freshness of living fauna could be helpful, especially as the warm summer months start creeping across the country. Here at Foliage Design Systems… Read more »

How Plants Can Reduce Noise

Many spaces are designed to offer residents and visitors a calm and serene environment. Whether a hotel, spa, doctor’s office, or yoga and meditation center; these types of spaces require a peaceful atmosphere to keep visitors and clients coming back. In the city, this can be quite difficult, and with modern technology, it becomes a… Read more »

Office Plant Staples That Are Easy to Keep Happy and Healthy

Interior landscaping should be aesthetically pleasing, but should also be easily maintained. Your business should be the primary concern of your business, so office plant maintenance shouldn’t be a hassle. With some help, we’ve put together some office plant staples that are easy to keep happy and healthy, while still adding some green to your… Read more »

Do Plants Really Reduce Air Pollution? Ask NASA!

When you think of all the inks, oils, paints, plastics, rubber, dyes, detergents, pressed-wood products, varnishes, adhesives and plywood found in a typical office building, it’s no surprise that some suffer from “sick building syndrome.” A combination of the aforementioned items, coupled with poor ventilation and modern insulation could mean that toxic gases such as… Read more »