Ho ho ho!

It may be hot outside, but it’s never too early to start thinking about Holiday cheer, Christmas glitter, and Decorations! Let the Foliage Design Systems elves help you design your office, lobby, reception area or home for the holidays. With our creative elves designing and installing, you are guaranteed to have the prettiest decorations and… Read more »

Where Do Plants Come From?

To answer that question, we have to go back in time. How far back? Researchers found that land plants arrived some 700 million or so years ago. Or if you want to get technical, land fungi, also a type of plant, have been around about 1,300 million years. Plants came along, and with them the… Read more »

Fun Plant Facts

Ever heard of a Sneezewort, or a Monkey Puzzle Tree? We’ve got a whole list of wonky plants and the inside scoop on where they got their funny names! #1 Sneezewort Yarrow (Achillea ptarmica) Also known as: Sneezeweed I’m named this because… I was once used as a sneezing powder. Sneezeweed was dried up and… Read more »

Holiday Update

If you are looking for a more natural look for your Holiday decorations, look no further than the beautiful Winter Woods theme. With the woodsy feel of the burlap, pine cones, vining material and forest animals, the vibrant contrasting colors of red, gold, bright green and white, it will invoke visions of a sleigh ride… Read more »

Plant News

Spring Snow in July? It can happen with the beautiful Aglaonema ‘Spring Snow’. With its striking and eye-catching colors, this beauty is certain to turn heads in your office, lobby, atrium or home. If you are interested in getting more information about this plant or our plant service, please contact Foliage Design Systems at 904-928-9600… Read more »

What is a Living Wall? And Does Your Office Have One?

We’ve talked about the benefits that indoor foliage can provide for a workplace, such as increased employee morale and productivity, here on the Foliage Design Systems Jacksonville blog. There’s no better way to enliven a space and all those living and working within it by maintaining a healthy assortment of green fauna across many rooms…. Read more »

Genetic Engineering in the Plant World

Genetic engineering has been a hot button term in the plant world for a few years now. Generally, it’s associated with mad scientists pumping foreign DNA into tomato plants to turn a profit. However, one scientist, Kathleen M. Pryer of Duke University, set off some interesting research in 2004 with a study tracing the evolutionary… Read more »

What’s Killing Your Office Plants?

We’ve been using our blog to talk about the benefits of indoor plants and why they can make your office more pleasant and productive. While we encourage all businesses to decorate their workplaces with living plants, we also understand that they can be tricky to maintain, and ultimately, to keep alive. If you’re having trouble… Read more »

The Ficus

Now that the weather is beginning to heat back up, what better time to think about livening up the office with some fresh new foliage? You’ve germinated geraniums. You’ve pruned petunias. You’ve even fooled around with philodendrons. Perhaps it’s time to better acquaint yourself with the enigmatic entity that is the ficus.   The ficus,… Read more »

Easiest Indoor Plants to Grow

Nothing spruces up a boring, lifeless office location quite like vibrant plant life. The right added flora can enhance an otherwise dull workspace. Unfortunately, many people fear that they won’t be able to keep up with the plant’s requirements. It’s true that some plants can be finicky and difficult to maintain, but many are actually… Read more »