Month: June 2014

How Much Light Do Indoor Plants Need?

Lighting is vital to growing beautiful and healthy indoor plants, allowing them to thrive, flourish, and look their best. The proper lighting for your indoor plants is about more than just brightness.  The intensity, temperature, and number of hours of light they receive are three of the most important factors for healthy, growing plants. With… Read more »

What is an Urban Garden?

The center of a bustling urban center may be the last place to find enough space to plant a thriving garden. However, these are often the sections of town where the cool freshness of living fauna could be helpful, especially as the warm summer months start creeping across the country. Here at Foliage Design Systems… Read more »

How Plants Can Reduce Noise

Many spaces are designed to offer residents and visitors a calm and serene environment. Whether a hotel, spa, doctor’s office, or yoga and meditation center; these types of spaces require a peaceful atmosphere to keep visitors and clients coming back. In the city, this can be quite difficult, and with modern technology, it becomes a… Read more »

Office Plant Staples That Are Easy to Keep Happy and Healthy

Interior landscaping should be aesthetically pleasing, but should also be easily maintained. Your business should be the primary concern of your business, so office plant maintenance shouldn’t be a hassle. With some help, we’ve put together some office plant staples that are easy to keep happy and healthy, while still adding some green to your… Read more »